Cereal Milk Weed- Busting the Myths


You will find numerous myths concerning the consequences of cereal milk weed. Of all of the ones you have heard, the number of came out of a dependable source? Do you actually believe in what your friend’s uncle says all about the topic? Let us explore these misconceptions in higher depth.

  1. Marijuana is addicting.

False! Marijuana isn’t addicting. Medical research has shown even, nicotine, and alcohol caffeine to all be a little more addicting compared to marijuana. Equate this to the drug OxyContin. Both medications are utilized to cure pain that is serious, but in 2006, 20.4 million Americans illegally used OxyContin. Medical marijuana is a significantly safer option.

  1. Marijuana has a damaging outcome on health.

You will find a huge number of deaths annually from different medicines approved by the FDA. Interestingly enough, you will find ZERO instances that are reported wherein marijuana was mentioned as the root cause of death. Lots of people dread the smoking of marijuana, relating it with the cancers cause by cigarettes. Remember, smokers go through 20 or over cigarettes one day, daily. Therapeutic levels of marijuana are not near that high.

  1. Even in case it does not result in death straight, marijuana weakens the body’s immune system of yours.

This particular case is based on an exam done in 1980, saying that white blood cells changed more slowly in response to threats when subjected to THC. Since that time, such outcomes haven’t been equipped to be replicated. The FDA has actually authorized Marinol, an artificial form of THC, because the therapy of illnesses which attack the immune system, for example HIV.

  1. There’s no medicinal usage for marijuana.

Rather the opposite! Marijuana is needed medically in California in the therapy of cancer, migraines, arthritis, AIDS, and anorexia. Studies show it can additionally be used alongside, or perhaps rather than, current medications for all those diagonsed with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and insomnia. Study is now being performed testing the effect of its on Alzheimer’s disease.