How To Search For A Transformational Law Firm COO

The research process will vary from search to search.To do this, they employ specialist researchers who will draw up a long-list of potential candidates for an opportunity. Sure, some executive search firms go to extra lengths by putting up a function on their website where candidates can apply. Hence, if you want to get noticed by executive recruiters, you must put in the extra effort. Due to the impact that a senior hire can have on a company’s bottom line, the executive search process is high stakes and demands a deliberate approach. Companies that wish to make the most of their C-level recruitment and uncover candidates who fit perfectly can benefit from working with an executive search firm.

On the other hand, by doing so, she faces the risk that very few customers will visit her shop. In the market, she will have to compete for customers with more firms, but the number of customers to compete for – the size of the pie – will be larger to begin with. Law firms are notorious for silos and fiefdoms, which can result in suboptimal performance. The transformational COO has demonstrated success in breaking down silos.

So how do executive search firms find candidates?

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Search Committee’s Role and Designation

On average, the monthly revenues of firms in the core are 78% higher than in the periphery. Higher revenues are not driven by firms in the core having more customers, but by them serving larger customers, namely customers that buy products in bulk. With respect to businesses in the periphery though, firms in the core pay higher commuting and rental costs, which disincentivize them from agglomerating. We suggest targeting candidates who can demonstrate experience in a variety of business disciplines — not just finance.


Third, urban policies that discourage agglomeration without addressing information frictions increase consumers’ search costs, disproportionately harming high-quality firms. In my job-market paper, I study how consumers’ imperfect information about the variety of products sold in the market affects firms’ location decisions and performance, using garment firms in Kampala as a case study. Quantifying the extent to which agglomeration is driven by demand is important for three reasons. First, the traditional view is that, by enhancing firm competition and creating scope for agglomeration economies, spatial concentration is always welfare improving. I show that, when driven by information frictions, agglomeration can soften competition and drive prices upwards. The firm’s search business has increased by 400% over the last five years, with the past two years seeing a significant bump.

One meaningful solution to this difficulty is collaborating with an executive search firm. As specialized experts in C-level recruitment, executive search firms possess the know-how and niche connections to unearth, attract, and place executive candidates that meet client hiring expectations. Understand that executive search firms are not executive job search firms. More senior roles (26% of them, according to our research) are filled by retained executive search consultants than by any other formal hiring process. These firms aim to proactively source the right candidate on behalf of the client company. In contrast, contingent recruiters rely on networks, advertising, and online databases to gather a large pool of candidate resumes that potentially match the client’s criteria.

Recent research by Calibrate shows that over 90% of all Am Law 100 firms have chief operating officer or equivalent positions on their executive teams. And over half of these people have been in their current roles for 10 years or more. Executive Searches at Gillespie Manners follow a Prince2 project management methodology. The process involves research, shortlisting, screening and acting in an advisory capacity throughout the client interview and offer stages. Owing to the niche nature of the roles Executive Search is used for, Consultants are required to build specialist knowledge of their industries, often attending industry events and training to keep abreast of the markets. UpCounsel is an interactive online service that makes it faster and easier for businesses to find and hire legal help solely based on their preferences. We are not a law firm, do not provide any legal services, legal advice or “lawyer referral services” and do not provide or participate in any legal representation.

As a result, these firms can completely understand the influence an executive function has on their client’s company. Executive searches often last for a month or two, depending on the agreed timeline. When the long search has finally ended, you can discuss your contract and conditions with your new executive. The executive firm may be present during the negotiation to make sure everything goes well.

This seems to be particularly true when the COO has grown up inside a law firm. They’ve been successful in the past based on a particular set of management skills. And, because law firms are not noted for providing excellent leadership training, they may not have developed the leadership skills necessary for success. COO roles are defined differently in nearly every business, and successful COOs come from backgrounds in finance, technology, sales, operations and other disciplines. In a classic Harvard Business Review article, Bennett defines seven different types of COOs ; a few of these types are recognizable in today’s law firms.