Understanding Hair Structure and Composition Can Help Prevent Dry Hair

Hair is composed of a unique protein known as keratin.Keratin which consists of several amino acids allow the hair fiber to stretch and gives the hair it electricity.

Hair consists of three layers. The outer cuticle, the middle cortex and the internal medulla..

The medulla occasionally includes round cells it is the innermost layer. There is an absence of coloration pigments or granules. In coarse hair you could see the medulla and in nice hair the medulla is usually absent.

The cortex consists of elongated square shaped cells. It is this center layer that’s liable for the colour and energy of the hair.

The cortex consists of types of melanin. Pheomelanin and Fibre capelli uomo eulamin.Pheomelanin pigments are ingredients for lighter hair color and eulamin is answerable for brunette and raven hair color.

The form length and the wide variety of the shade granules decide the depth of the hair colour.

The cuticle is the outermost layer that protects the cortex. The cuticle includes shingles like scales that overlap every other. If the cuticle is flat and healthful it radiates a herbal gloss or shine. If the cuticle is damaged due to chemical methods. This harm alters the cuticle structure permitting the hair to lose it sheen and much less mild can be reflected from the cuticle which makes the hair appear dull. The cuticle additionally has no shade pigments.

You can damage the cuticle for your hair with the aid of continuously coloring, perming and exposure to thermal warmness gear which include blow dryers, curling irons, hot rollers and flat irons.

You can bodily harm the cuticle by teasing and backcombing the hair which constantly lifts the cuticles. Drying your moist hair very harshly with a towel in place of blotting the hair. Wet hair tends to be fragile than dry hair because of broken bonds and weaker elasticity of the hair. You can guard your hair by the use of a thermal spray and permitting your hair to air dry.